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300mm trench blocks
300mm trench blocks

More photographs on groundworks

Foundation complete, ready for delivery and placing of block and beam floor
100mm laid to form a rainwater gulley in a combined system
Foundation of a squint block formed in 7newton trench blocks, incorporating a splash course up to dpc of stone.squint bay and internal Walls constructed to site drawings
90degree bend drainage fitting connected to main drainage pipe in order to return a corner of a building. (a rodding eye must be fitted within 3m of corner due to the unfortunate event of a blockage occurring)


Bricklayer constructing the wall to the porch extension
300mm trench blocks
Stone mason ready to slot in the cut down stone above the featured stone arch
Two storey side extension including garage, combined with single storey rear kitchen extension
Inside kitchen extension with a large RSJ supporting the load bearing wall above
Concrete floor laid to match in with existing building
Roof of kitchen extension is nearing completion
Two storey side extension with garage showing added fascia and soffit boards
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