4th Feb 2009
Mini photo of wall

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Sub-contracted for bricklaying and block paving work in Sheffield City Center

Commenced construction on a radius wall in Sheffield Town centre July 2009. The boundary wall completed was approximately 18 metres long. For strength, and because of the length was built as two 100mm walls tied together by stainless tie irons. The bond of the wall was a standard half brick bond with raked out joints. The finished wall was topped off with a brick on edge and concrete padstone on either end to eliminate vandalism. During construction, metre markers are inscribed on the wall to follow so no flats appear in the wall but a steady continuous curve.

If you would like a free no obligation quote on bricklaying related work such as block paving or having a wall built in Sheffield or the surrounding areas from an experienced Sheffield builder then feel free to contact us.


Brick clad skin to commercial building
Flagging and stairs
"Raked out" joints to partion brick wall and block paved walkway
Radius brick wall
Radius wall with raked out joints

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Mini photo of rear extension

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Mini photo of Tiny image of chimney stack

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Mini photo of Tiny image of porch extension

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