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Manhole built ready for lid
Manhole built ready for lid

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300mm trench blocks
Foundation complete, ready for delivery and placing of block and beam floor
Class b engineering bricks used to form a road manhole
Land marked and excavated
A pair of semi-detached houses, being of different heights. commonly known as a jump block


Squint wall formed to determine boundary of property. Squints are used mainly where a 90degree return is too severe
Random stone in a boundary wall, built for privacy, being jointed to match in with adjoining new-build properties
Golden oak cladding used to underside of portico in order to disguise underside of trusses
90degree bend drainage fitting connected to main drainage pipe in order to return a corner of a building. (a rodding eye must be fitted within 3m of corner due to the unfortunate event of a blockage occurring)
Manhole built ready for lid
Construction of a row of 4 terraced properties
A completed block and beam floor construction ready for 100mm concrete slab to be laid on top
Digger digging out trench in preparation for foundations
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